Have you tried every diet out there and nothing worked? I have. Over my last 30 years I think I have been on every diet there is. They all worked for a little bit, but soon after the “DIET” was over, I would go right back to eating the foods that I had stopped eating while on the “DIET” and gained all if not more of my weight back.

Two years ago, I started on a Ketogenic Lifestyle – the Keto Diet and a Ketone Supplement. I decided I had to make this a lifestyle I could live with instead of a “DIET”. I was tired of the yo-yo dieting and not being able to maintain.

I started down the path to health and happiness and consistency. I lost 27 lbs of fat and 23 inches overall during the course of 3 months. I regained the flexibility in my knees so that my joints no longer hurt. My mental clarity is back to normal – the brain fog has cleared. My energy level is that of a 30 year old instead of a 60 year old. And I sleep like a baby at night. No longer do I have to take sleeping pills to get a good nights rest. I have maintained my weight – give or take 2-3 lbs for the last year and a half.

This website is here to document stories like mine, educate you on a keto lifestyle and share recipes so that you, too, can have a “LIFESTYLE” instead of a “DIET”.