Stress getting you????

Our lives are so upside down right now, with “Shelter at Home Orders” and “6′ Distancing”, sometimes the last thing we want to thing about is our food.

More of us now than ever before are having to make choices for our health. Now just might be the best time in your life to start Keto. I have found over the last three years that it doesn’t take stress away, but it sure helps my head to deal with it better.

The reason for that is it clears the brain fog away and allows us to get healthy. I just got done reading an article about Rocco DiSpirto talking Keto Comfort Food (article from Woman’s World). Rocco has become a champion of Keto by developing low carb comfort food recipes to help someone stick to a low carb keto lifestyle.

Not only do you feel better physically, but also mentally, thus helping with dealing with stress at this time in our lives.

We’ve never lived in a time where we have had limits on travel and getting together with friends and family. And I hope we never experience this again in my lifetime. FaceTime, Marco Polo, Skype, Zoom, etc are all ways to help us get around not seeing people. They are all FREE as well so take advantage of them. This can help with stress as well.

Sometimes we just need to do things the old fashioned way – pick up the phone and call someone to hear their voice. It is amazing to me how many of us choose to just text instead of hearing someones voice. It really doesn’t take that much more time to sit and chat for a few minutes. It helps with stress because now you can sense in their voice how someone is holding up.

But seriously if you need comfort food, now’s the time to do a little research and realize that eating a low carb keto lifestyle isn’t that difficult and it’s really not that expensive. Plus for the most part there is always a great selection, because we don’t eat the junk food that everyone else eats.

Later in the week I’m going to post one of Rocco’s easy keto recipes. It is Keto Jalepeno poppers. Or if you’re like me and don’t like jalepeno’s that much you sub with the little orange and red and yellow sweet peppers.

So as we go through this time of challenge and change – grow a garden, ride a bike, go for a walk around the neighborhood, or learn to meditate. Do something you’re not used to doing because you’re so used to being busy all the time.

Stay safe and we’ll talk next week. Enjoy your time at home too – spring cleaning gives you such a sense of accomplishment. LOL.

Have a great week.

pros of a low carb keto lifestyle

Research has discovered that a keto diet can help you lose weight and reduce inflammation factors in the body. It can also lead to greater metabolic efficiency in consuming fats.

This way of eating usually has more people feeling fuller because all that fat really increases your satiety and if you feel fuller you’ll eat less, which translates into weight loss.

A new study from the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging at the University of Kentucky found that following a keto diet may help protect against cognitive decline.

Keto can bring great changes in weight loss and the results are outstanding. Keto can be followed as a lifestyle, and you won’t put the pounds back on as long as you stick with it.

The above items came from an article on Keto from the magazine “The Complete book of Diets that Work”.

Since we don’t consider eating Low Carb and Keto as a DIET, but as a lifestyle I am living proof that it does work and can be a continued lifestyle with only good things for side effects. I’ve been eating Keto for 3 years now and have had very minimal weight fluctuation. And the only time my weight did fluctuate was when I took a month off from eating Keto and added carbs and sugar back into my meal plan because of holidays. It was pretty dramatic, but the nice thing is I can go right back to eating my keto way and lose the extra pounds I had put on.

I also drink exogenous ketones on a daily basis which helps to keep my body in ketosis and gives me better Energy, better Sleep, and easier Fat Loss.

Have a fantastic week and see you next week!

practice mindful eating techniques

When was the last time that you ate dinner at your dinner table without distractions? One of the things we do today more than at any other time in history is to “eat on the go” and we always have the TV on in the background.

With all the activities that our children and grand children are in, we tend to Eat on the Go, and if we are at home to eat – we eat with the TV on.

Let’s start sitting at the table for 20-30 minutes, enjoy every bite of our meal, turn off our cell phones and our TVs and concentrate on the flavors and textures of our food, the smell of the dish, etc. When you concentrate on eating your food and enjoying it, you actually take in fewer calories and fill up faster.

The reason for this is because you are eating slower and it takes your brain 20 minutes to register that your stomach is full.

Learning mindfulness techniques, like mediation and cognitive therapy, had a 97 percent impact on the weight loss of obese individuals in one study.

One of the best examples I know of not being able to slow down is – my son’s dog. Abby doesn’t know how to slow down eating so it doesn’t matter how much food is in her bowl she scarfs it down in under a minute. She kept gaining weight and the vet suggested that she only have 1/2 cup of food in the morning and in the evening. Abby doesn’t know that she isn’t getting as much food (calories) as she was before because she still scarfs it down in under a minute. You can put food in her bowl and it is gone in the next 30 seconds. LOL.

We don’t want to eat like a dog and let someone else control how much we eat because we can’t slow down.

An old practice from years ago was to take a bite and set your fork down between bites to allow you to savor your food. I’m not sure you have to go to that length, but we do need to turn off our TV’s and phones and have no distractions while we are eating so we can enjoy our food.

I challenge you to take a week and turn off all electronics during your meal time. You may realize that food tastes totally different. I’d like to say that “eating on the go” has to go too, but I know that isn’t always possible with all the activities that we participate in. So at least when you can sit down at the dinner table – actually sit at the table and turn off the TV.

Have a great week and talk to you next week.

Will low carb or keto work for you?

Losing weight is all about coming up with a Lifestyle that will work for you. If you don’t like to cook or don’t have time to cook, then a lot of meal prep won’t work for you.

Thinking about what you can realistically do and live with long term is the lifestyle you should select. If you are a sweets person like myself then learning how to make fat bombs and keto style deserts has been a lifesaver for me.

Seeing what you want to look like in your head – or go find a picture of you at your best weight – before you even start is the first key to making this a lifestyle instead of a diet. Just having a number – whether it is a short term number or a long term number – allows you to visualize ahead. Diet as we have said before means temporary and only lasts for a short time. We want a lifestyle that will give us the direct results we are looking for without seeming impossible.

Maybe you eat ok and you just need to add some activity to your lifestyle. Maybe you eat too much and you are eating the right foods and you just need to cut out some food. Most of us need some structure though.

That is one reason why I chose a low carb and keto lifestyle. The food is good and healthy and it is very tasty and it is considered whole foods instead of processed foods. Eggs and bacon, meat and cheese and salads are the basics of my lifestyle. If I start to crave some fruit, then I eat a little bit of fruit. I just stay away from high carb foods.

And like I said above, I’m a sweets person so I am always experimenting with keto sweets – low carb and sugar free. They satisfy my need for desert and I can easily share and most people don’t know the difference.

If you’re not sure if low carb/keto is the way to go, get back in touch with us and I will send you a 5 day meal plan to start you on your way to pursuing this lifestyle.

Or if you want to just experiment with some of our recipes go to our main menu and search recipes. We have a ton of them posted and for the most part, I have made almost all of them.

Have an awesome week and see you next week.

What drives our diet obsession?

We live in a time plagued by unprecedented obesity rates. The latest government data reveals that some 100 million Americans are now obese!

Why do people continue to go on DIETS? (Remember that word means DIE and it’s always short term)

  1. I just want to feel better. Dr. Mimi Guarneri, MD cardiologist and president of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine says “They’re tired and sluggish and in pain and experiencing side effects of lugging around excess weight – like sore backs and achy knees. More than just the pain, their confidence is shot. They feel bad that their clothes no longer fit and they aren’t happy with the way they look.”
  2. I just want to Unleash My Real Self. Alexis Conason, Psy.D, a NYC-based psychologist says most of her work is helping people to overcome destructive body image and overeating. The main problem is that even if people lose the weight if they don’t change their mindset and stop DIETING, nothing changes. It has to be a lifestyle change.
  3. I just want to Qualify for Bariatric Surgery. Dr Wilnise Jasmin, MD says that a lot of people come to her with wanting to relieve sleep apnea and ease painful osteoarthritis and qualify for bariatric surgery. Dr. Jasmine tells patients not to DIET, but to gradually make small daily changes that can permanently alter the way you eat.
  4. I just want to Feel in Control. Dr. Conason says the desire to diet may also stem from a desire to take charge. “The ironic thing is that the more diets and strict rules we place on ourselves, the more out of control we feel” says Conason. She recommends to stop dieting and develop a more loving relationship with yourself, eat in a way that fosters that, and find ways other than food to nurture emotional needs.
  5. I just want to Reverse This Health Issue. A lot of times it takes a health scare to get people to make changes. Dr. Guarneri’s sees patients who are at risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and they are tired of being sick and on all kinds of medications. They have finally realized if they don’t do something they will be in real trouble. She says “You can reverse heart disease and significantly improve diabetes, fatty liver, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases by making lifestyle changes.”
  6. I just want to Do Things I Love Again. Jill Weisenberger, M.S. R.D.N. who wrote Prediabetes: A Complete Guide says “There’s nearly always some emotion tied to a client’s decision to seek my expertise”. She works with clients to kick extreme dieting to the curb.

These are just some of the reasons why people want to DIET. As we’ve talked in the past year – let’s get rid of the DIET and change to a healthy LIFESTYLE.

Where do you fit in above? Is it going to take a health scare? Do you just want to Feel Better? Let’s learn to do what Dr. Guarneri recommends and just make a few lifestyle changes.

One of those changes could be a Low Carb Keto Lifestyle or maybe just getting rid of bread and eating a healthier substitute – like low carb tortillas or if you live on the west coast Franz makes a Keto bread that is awesome with 0 net carbs.

Weight doesn’t just all of a sudden show up on our bodies – it takes months and years to get that weight on. One of our biggest issues is the fact we all want instantaneous results. If you just take one thing away this week and one thing away next week and you start cooking at home and buying foods on the outer aisle of the grocery stores then you are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Or just add a little exercise or start walking. There is an ap called couch to 5k. It is designed for you to go from the couch to running in a 5k, but there is no reason why you can’t just decide to use it and walk a 5k. That’s what a bunch of us are doing this Saturday.

Attitude of gratitude

Did you know that when you are thankful for what you already have more good things come to you?

When you believe and see in your mind the perfect body that you have coming, then you must turn around and be grateful for that perfect body and what is coming.

Believing and being grateful for what we already have guarantees us more of the positives and realizing that we all have exactly what we want.

Just try one little trick each morning when you get up. When the alarm goes off 5-4-3-2-1 get out of bed (Mel Robbins) and then with each foot that lands on the floor say “Thank” with the first one and “You” with the second one and then as you head to brush your teeth and get a shower or whatever your morning routine is be “Thankful and Grateful” for what you have.

Maybe it’s the roof over your head, the fact you have a home to live in, a nice car to drive, healthy kids, a spouse to help you, parents who are healthy, family to help support you, food on the table. Whatever you are thankful for!. For the next 30 days give this a shot. You will be absolutely amazed at how it will change your life.

We spend so much time focusing on what we don’t have that we just continue to not have. But when you change that focus to gratitude, your whole life will change. One step at a time, one day at a time.

Be grateful for every little thing.