Will low carb or keto work for you?

Losing weight is all about coming up with a Lifestyle that will work for you. If you don’t like to cook or don’t have time to cook, then a lot of meal prep won’t work for you.

Thinking about what you can realistically do and live with long term is the lifestyle you should select. If you are a sweets person like myself then learning how to make fat bombs and keto style deserts has been a lifesaver for me.

Seeing what you want to look like in your head – or go find a picture of you at your best weight – before you even start is the first key to making this a lifestyle instead of a diet. Just having a number – whether it is a short term number or a long term number – allows you to visualize ahead. Diet as we have said before means temporary and only lasts for a short time. We want a lifestyle that will give us the direct results we are looking for without seeming impossible.

Maybe you eat ok and you just need to add some activity to your lifestyle. Maybe you eat too much and you are eating the right foods and you just need to cut out some food. Most of us need some structure though.

That is one reason why I chose a low carb and keto lifestyle. The food is good and healthy and it is very tasty and it is considered whole foods instead of processed foods. Eggs and bacon, meat and cheese and salads are the basics of my lifestyle. If I start to crave some fruit, then I eat a little bit of fruit. I just stay away from high carb foods.

And like I said above, I’m a sweets person so I am always experimenting with keto sweets – low carb and sugar free. They satisfy my need for desert and I can easily share and most people don’t know the difference.

If you’re not sure if low carb/keto is the way to go, get back in touch with us and I will send you a 5 day meal plan to start you on your way to pursuing this lifestyle.

Or if you want to just experiment with some of our recipes go to our main menu and search recipes. We have a ton of them posted and for the most part, I have made almost all of them.

Have an awesome week and see you next week.