Do you eat Organic?

Did you know that organic food has to meet very strict cultivation standards to carry an organic food label? In order to carry that label it must meet USDA National Organic Program certifications.

Livestock must be allowed to live in an environment, which allows them to maintain good health and exhibit their natural behaviors all year. They are given access to outdoors all year round. They must be fed 100 percent organic; with the only exceptions being they are allowed vitamin and mineral supplementation to ensure their health. The use of antibiotics, supplemental growth hormones and animal byproducts in their feed is prohibited. Humane treatment of animals is also one of the most prominent reasons people eat organic.

Our Story Meet

Where can you find organic meat? Back in the day – families went to their local butcher shop for a selection of local meat. Now there are more and more grocery stores offering a small selection of organic meats. There are also companies such as Butcher Box that offer direct to your home shipping of organic meats. Grass-fed meat is becoming more and more readily available. Yes the price is a little higher, but the flavor and taste is exceptional. They deliver 100% grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Think of them as the neighborhood butcher for modern America.

I love organic meat. A few years ago for Thanksgiving we had an organic turkey and it was probably the best turkey I’ve had in my adult life. So much flavor and all the bloatedness you get after eating Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t there that day. I highly recommend Butcher Box to anyone wanting to experience Organic Meat. The convenience of having it shipped right to my door is amazing. Come experience it with me.

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