How to stay Motivated Week 3

As we review a little this week to refresh our memory:

First we want to set a goal and write it down. You have to make it known, at least to yourself, what you want to accomplish. Then start by taking one day at a time. As you move forward surround your self with positivity. Celebrate the little things. Take control over yourself and don’t let the negative nellies influence you. Remember though you are not in this alone.

As we move into week 3 – ask for advice or do some research. How much have you lost toward your goal? Have you kept a journal and written things down? Sometimes it is just writing down the little things – like drank 64 oz of water today, walked 1/2 mile, ate low carb today. Anything that helps with positive influence. There are multitudes of information on the internet about motivation and about diets! But remember you aren’t on a diet you are on a lifestyle change.

Don’t be afraid to seek out help. One thing about Social Media today is they have Facebook groups and Instagram stories that can be very imformative. I follow some groups myself and it is amazing to see how the successful people can help the newbies. This life is perceived as difficult but it really isn’t that hard.

Here is a list of some key points when thinking about food for a low carb keto lifestyle.

  1. Eat Clean as much as possible – this means organic.
  2. Get rid of all the processed foods in your pantry so you aren’t even tempted.
  3. Don’t eat too much protein.
  4. If you just add Avocado to your meal plan you have probably added all the good fats you will need at least in starting. If you don’t like avocado, eat guacamole.
  5. Drink lots of water and add electrolytes
  6. Start slowly – take away a few carbs every day. If you go cold turkey remember you could get the keto flu. And that is no fun at all.
  7. Also slowly add in exercise if you haven’t been doing any. This is not necessary at the beginning because you will lose just by changing what you eat but even on low carb and keto it is all about a deficit.
  8. You will need to pay attention to portion control as well. If for some reason, you don’t start losing weight right away – seek some advice. There are things such as insulin resistance that block a low carb and keto lifestyle from working.

So as you try to stay motivated – remember your mindset. This can actually help the most. Have an awesome day!

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I've been interested in healthy living for a couple of years and have been trying to find ways to do this myself and to share information to the public.

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