What is your Comfort Zone?

Where are you in the Comfort Zone Circle?

As I looked at this circle the other day it made me ask myself a bunch of questions. Am I in the fear zone, the learning zone or the growth zone? Where do I want to be? How long have I been in the fear zone? Do you ever get out of the learning zone? Or am I satisfied to stay in the comfort zone?

The comfort zone to me is going to work every day and living paycheck to paycheck, doing my crafts and watching tv. A couple of years ago I decided I was tired of the comfort zone and wanted to have more in life. More money, more time, etc.

But to get to more money and more time I had to work through the Fear Zone. It’s amazing how easy it is to find excuses or worry about what other people think, or you think you have self-confidence, but you really question everything when you start on a journey to growth. It took a while to get through this phase – even with all the experience I have. Mel Robbins has a principal called 5-4-3-2-1 Go. I have used that to get over any fear and it’s amazing how it works. Because you don’t allow yourself to take time to think of any excuses. You get out of your head.

I’m not sure you ever get out of the Learning Zone totally. In fact, you shouldn’t totally get out of that zone. Because there are always new ideas and new ways of seeing things. I am loving learning again. Learning about myself, about a Keto Lifestyle, about growing a business, etc. I will continue to stay in this zone as I approach the Growth zone because I think learning is a key to Growth.

As I enter the Growth phase – I have set goals of where I want to be in the next two years and five years. I am slowly conquering my objectives and getting things moving forward. I had already found my why – Catherine Louise Alcorn, my granddaughter – and for all of you who have grand kids you will understand. And I’m working continuously toward living my dreams.

Where are you at in the Comfort Zone Circle? Have you reached the Growth Zone or have you decided to stay in the Comfort Zone?

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I've been interested in healthy living for a couple of years and have been trying to find ways to do this myself and to share information to the public.

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