Be Happy with the Present

How many of you have actually reached the goal that you set for yourself and then realized that it’s not quite as glamorous or as exciting as you thought it would be. You hit that 25lb weight loss knowing or thinking that you would be happy and then you went right on to the next goal without taking any time to celebrate. Yes you have to set goals and yes it is great to meet them, but you have to take time to enjoy reaching them. Most of us get so caught up in the journey, that we forget that part of loving the destination is enjoying every step it takes to get there.

Having goals is absolutely crucial for success but learning to enjoy the journey by being happy with the present is even more important. I see on social media a lot of people who set unrealistic goals for themselves and then when they don’t meet it they think they should punish themselves. Now you’ve gone 10 steps backwards by the self doubt and recrimination that you allow to set in or the negatives that take over in your head. Remember for 95% of us that it took years to get that extra weight on our bodies. Nothing disappears over night.

Remember a couple weeks ago we talked about getting rid of the negatives and how important that is. Self doubt and self hate will sabotage any goal that you set whether it is for weight loss or self development. Stop with the self abuse. Go back and reread last weeks blog and learn to do the STOP technique every time a self doubt, self hate or negative thoughts come into play. You will be amazed at how easy it is to start to change your thought process and when you do you stop listening to the haters and the self hate coming from inside your head.

So you need to allow yourself to become mindful of what is happening on your journey and in this very moment and then you will start to see all the pieces fall into place. When you can master being in the present and getting ride of the negativity you will be able to find strength in any situation. When you can do that, you will have true power over your happiness and success, because remember, happiness in life is 90% showing up!!!!

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I've been interested in healthy living for a couple of years and have been trying to find ways to do this myself and to share information to the public.

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