What is your BETTER?

Have you started on a keto or low carb lifestyle? When did you start and what have your results been?

Above is a picture of my mother and me in December of 2016. My mom hasn’t done any kind of diet other than the SAD diet all of her life. She has recently started to go a little low carb!!!! Maybe only one piece of bread instead of 3 pieces of bread a day. She has a very high metabolism so she has never really struggled with her weight.

Above is my mom and me in the spring of 2018. As you can see I’ve lost 27 lbs and lost my carb face. I take exogenous ketones every day and I live a keto lifestyle. I do keto about 2-3 weeks out of the month and low carb for about a week out of the month. The difference is how many carbs you actually eat a day. During keto I maintain less than 50 grams a day and during the low carb week I maintain less than 100 grams a day. This has worked extremely well for me, especially since I take the exogenous ketones to put me into ketosis. I feel like I’m 30 instead of 60.

The picture on the left was not my heaviest period of my life but I definitely didn’t feel good about myself and my health was rapidly deteriorating. The picture on the right was 3 months in and I had lost 27 lbs. and my joint pain was gone and my brain was working well because I was feeding it ketones.

I take the exogenous ketones every day to feed my brain and to help me feel younger. I’m just like most women my age, we don’t want to get old! I love how I feel and my health journey is continuing every day.

If you have any questions about exogenous ketones, please feel free to ask. I love helping people to feel BETTER!

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I've been interested in healthy living for a couple of years and have been trying to find ways to do this myself and to share information to the public.

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