Did you know????

My life changed a couple of years ago when I stopped focusing on food and meal times. I started this journey with exogenous ketones about 3 years ago now. It has been a blast.

I lost 27 lbs of fat, boosted my energy, started sleeping without sleeping pills and got instant clearing of the brain. Sometimes people ask about ketones and what they do for you? Well all of the above and then some. I don’t feel like I’m 62 – I have the energy of a 30 year old. I sleep like a baby at night. I’ve been able to keep my weight off for the first time in my life – (this also has to do with changing my mindset and learning gratitude). My brain functions as it should instead of me being in the middle of a sentence and forgetting what I was going to say.

We have a wonderful product backed by science. A lot of Drs still consider ketosis to be a bad thing, but I’m here to tell you that it is an amazing thing and after 3 years of being on the product, I have no ill side effects. My blood tests come back that of a 30 year old as well. To be honest I wasn’t too unhealthy to begin with, but I was definitely feeling my age when I started.

Between ketones and self development my life has forever changed for the BETTER!

If you have any questions about how to start to feel BETTER yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

See our links to social media on our main page and let’s talk. I’m here to help.

Attitude of Gratitude!

As we start out 2020 we have discussed setting Goals. One of the biggest things for me is to have an Attitude of Gratitude!!!!

Did you know you are what you think? But to get to where you want to go, you first have to be grateful for what you already have. In relationship to health, you must first be thankful for the current health you have. This allows you to then see where it is you want to go.

Do you want to lose 25 lbs or 100 lbs. First be grateful for where you are right now and say “Thank You”. Then see in your mind or pull out a picture of where you were 20 years ago weight wise and pin it to your mirror so you see it everyday. Then after you say “Thank You” for where you are today, look at the picture of where you want to be and believe that you will get there.

I believe that I am the perfect weight. That takes all the negative connotations out of the picture. I don’t weigh my perfect weight yet, but I can see myself there. Also who is it that says what your perfect weight is? It makes life a lot easier when you aren’t constantly kicking yourself for what you ate!

That is why this is a LIFESTYLE not a Diet! So be thankful for where you are and then see and believe where you want to get to. I do a keto lifestyle to help me get there. I add exogenous ketones to my daily intake as a supplementation so I don’t ever stress about what I eat. Life is too short to always be looking at things in the negative.

You are what you think!

Brain Function and Ketosis

Did you know that as we age or if we have had TBI‘s or PTSD that your brain doesn’t uptake glucose into the brain?

I know that I have experienced less brain fog and clearer thinking since I have been taking exogenous ketones and using a keto lifestyle.

Part of my keto lifestyle includes intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting will give you a brain flush by clearing your mind, awakening your senses, and improving brain function.

Here is a link to an article that talks about the benefits of Intermittent fasting and brain function. https://www.businessinsider.com/fasting-diet-ketosis-brain-body-effects-2017-12

To summarize all of this information, it would seem that our brains work better while our bodies are in ketosis, whether from endogenous ketones or exogenous ketones. In TBI’s or PTSD the trauma that our brains have suffered leads to less capability of the brain being able to uptake glucose.

If you want to try intermittent fasting or ketones that put your body into ketosis in under 30 minutes, don’t hesitate to reach out. There are so many benefits other than feeding the brain, but to me as I age that is one of the biggest things.

How to Stay Motivated Week 6

Visualize and Reward Yourself

So in recapping Take It One Day At a Time, Surround Yourself with Positivity, Ask for Advice, Know Your “WHY”, and Keep it Fun have been the topics over the last 5 weeks.

Today we are going to talk about two topics: Visualizing and Rewarding Yourself

Visualizing is a very important part of the process. Most of us see ourselves in the mirror and if you’re a woman you generally see yourself a lot bigger than you are or you can’t see the changes that your body is making because all you see is the woman in the mirror of the past. So you have to dig deep and as you change your body you have to change your mind and the picture that you had of yourself.

On my weight loss journey – I couldn’t always see the new me because my shape didn’t really change, I just got smaller and bought smaller clothes. Everyone else sees you at the new size, but you have to change your minds view of you. I lost 27 lbs in 3 months. Now I have maintained for 2 years at that same size and I love it.

My daughter, on the other hand, has lost over 95 lbs in a year and a half and she has had many milestones to deal with. Just being able to go to a regular store and not have to buy at a big girl store was mind boggling to her. She is dealing quite nicely with it, but she still has her moments – till you change the picture in your head of who you are – where she has issues really knowing that she has done it. She is in the best shape of her life and it all started because she wanted to be able to walk around Disney World with her 5 year old daughter.

Rewarding yourself then becomes something that isn’t FOOD related. When I’ve been on diets before in the past I used to reward myself with one of my favorite dishes or eating Mexican and having as many chips and salsa as I wanted.

My recommendation is to use NON-FOOD rewards. Go spend $ on a new outfit in the size that fits you now. Go to a concert. Go for an adventure to a new destination that you never thought you’d be able to do. Go hiking. Find something that is NON-FOOD related as a reward. Rewards are very important because it makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something and feeling accomplished helps our mind to know we are accomplishing something.

This is where that plan that you wrote at the beginning comes in. You need to set your goals – When I’ve lost the first 10 lbs I will ______. When I’ve lost the first 25 lbs I will _______. Those things aren’t written in stone, but they can help you have a clearer picture of where you are now and where you want to get to and if the reward is already written down then you can wrap your mind around it and fulfill it and reward yourself. Writing down rewards is also part of the visualizing process. Knowing where you want to get to.

None of this is easy, but all of it can be easier. And we are always here to help. Also don’t forget that exogenous ketones can always help as well and keep that journey moving forward faster and make it so that it isn’t impossible to accomplish. Have an awesome week.

What is your BETTER?

Have you started on a keto or low carb lifestyle? When did you start and what have your results been?

Above is a picture of my mother and me in December of 2016. My mom hasn’t done any kind of diet other than the SAD diet all of her life. She has recently started to go a little low carb!!!! Maybe only one piece of bread instead of 3 pieces of bread a day. She has a very high metabolism so she has never really struggled with her weight.

Above is my mom and me in the spring of 2018. As you can see I’ve lost 27 lbs and lost my carb face. I take exogenous ketones every day and I live a keto lifestyle. I do keto about 2-3 weeks out of the month and low carb for about a week out of the month. The difference is how many carbs you actually eat a day. During keto I maintain less than 50 grams a day and during the low carb week I maintain less than 100 grams a day. This has worked extremely well for me, especially since I take the exogenous ketones to put me into ketosis. I feel like I’m 30 instead of 60.

The picture on the left was not my heaviest period of my life but I definitely didn’t feel good about myself and my health was rapidly deteriorating. The picture on the right was 3 months in and I had lost 27 lbs. and my joint pain was gone and my brain was working well because I was feeding it ketones.

I take the exogenous ketones every day to feed my brain and to help me feel younger. I’m just like most women my age, we don’t want to get old! I love how I feel and my health journey is continuing every day.

If you have any questions about exogenous ketones, please feel free to ask. I love helping people to feel BETTER!