Over the last couple of years, I’ve been doing work on self development on myself. One of the most important things I have figured out is that even though most of my life I have been thankful for things, I really haven’t been as thankful or grateful as I should be.

Most of our lives we are so busy just living life and getting through our day to day that we don’t stop to smell the roses! The roses in this case are the little things that we have in our lives.

Are you grateful for the little things in your life?

Little things like the roof over your head? a running vehicle? electricity in your house? indoor plumbing? air conditioning? a sofa to sit on? These are all things that I think we all take for granted. But we need to be thankful for where we are in life and then as we plan our goals and where we want to be we have to be thankful for where we are going.

Maybe it is a certain weight goal, or a certain financial goal. You have to see where you are now and then where you are headed. If we have a grateful attitude it makes life easier, because when issues pop up called life – we can stop and say thanks for the positives and the current things we have.

Like when LIFE happens – a few weeks ago in the heat of August, my air conditioning went out in my house. So I live in the south and August temps outside for the most part are in the high 90s. Luckily I was out of town for about 3 of the nights that the air was out, but I still had 3 nights without air. The day my air was fixed I was so thankful. It made me ask how people lived in the south in the olden days without air conditioning. We are so spoiled.

What do you have in your life that makes you feel spoiled? Ask your grand parents or your great grand parents what it was like to go to the bathroom in an outhouse? or take a bath in a wash tub? or do laundry the old fashioned way with a wash board? Or no electric lights and no tv or cell phones?

We all need to be much more thankful and grateful for what we have in life.

Be thankful and enjoy your week. Til next week – Be Awesome and Grateful!

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I've been interested in healthy living for a couple of years and have been trying to find ways to do this myself and to share information to the public.

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