As a woman have you stalled on Keto?

I’ve been doing modified Keto now for 3 years. I initially lost 27 lbs in 3 months and have been able to keep off most of that over the last 3 years. Lately though, I have noticed that even though my weight hasn’t really fluctuated up more than 3 lbs, my measurements have gone up. Not much but a little.

I read this article the other day about keto specifically for women because our hormones always play a role in our weight loss that men don’t seem to have a problem with. That hormone is estrogen. Experts say all keto’s dietary fat spurs extra production of the hormone, and it fights to keep up padded with a protective layer of flab – even after menopause. A study led by University of Iowa’s E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD confirms estrogen counteracts some keto magic.

So all you have to do to counteract this issue is to add more fiber. “Fiber binds to and eliminates excess estrogen” explains Radical Metabolism author Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD. “It also feeds gut bacteria shown to speed weight loss.”

So if you have stalled or just can’t get rid of that last layer of flab – maybe try this fix by adding a little extra fiber. Check out high fiber cheat sheet below.

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