Keto Made Easy

Yes! A long-term study found that keto’s ability to accelerate fat burn actually helps clear fat out of the bloodstream, triggering a significant decrease in ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Have you ever heard of “chaffles”? Can be served as a replacement waffle or used as a substitute for bread or use it as a base for pizza or tacos. This new way of eating is 1 net carb out of the 20-40 grams of carbs you’re allowed per day.

Just incorporate these “chaffles” into your normal keto lifestyle of low carb, moderate servings of protein and plenty of high-quality fat. According to Dr. Eric Westman, “when you do this, blood sugar drops and your body needs a new energy source. It starts turning fat— from food and from fat cells— into compounds called ketones that become your fuel.”

The ‘chaffle’ advantage. “There’s so much scientific evidence that a keto-style diet works–dozens of studies. The puzzle that needs to be solved is how to help people do it over the long-term so they’re not missing things they used to eat. And a chaffle is a super-easy tool that helps people stay on track.” says Dr. Westman, who has seen chaffle fans shed up to 250 pounds without surgery.

Most keto breads have about 5 grams of carbs per slice, whereas chaffles have as little as 1 gram carb.

Basic Recipe for Chaffles – courtesy of

2 large eggs, beaten and 1/2 cup shredded Cheddar or any full-fat cheese.

Heat a waffle iron to medium-high. Carefully distribute half the cheese on the hot iron, pour on egg and top with remaining cheese. Close the iron and cook until you no longer see steam, 3-5 minutes. (Be sure to cook a minimum of 3 minutes to allow cheese to set; otherwise you’ll open the lid to a melted cheesy mess). Enjoy hot with butter and sugar-free syrup or in any keto variation you like. Keeps in fridge 3-5 days. 1 serving. 1 gram carb.

This allows you to substitute for bread immediately which allows you to cut carbs immediately and allow ketosis to start sooner, helping you to lose faster.

I have also added exogenous ketones to my daily intake which also puts your body into ketosis in under an hour.

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