Low Carb vs. keto

How many of you know the difference between low carb and Keto? Do you want to live a low carb keto lifestyle without having to count macros? Have you given up bread, pasta, potatoes and fruit?

First thing to do in going low carb or especially keto is to go through your cupboards and donate all the high carb foods and all the processed foods. Once this is done, now you can concentrate on eating clean and whole foods versus all the processed foods.

Dr Ryan Lowery from Ketogenic.com has done a little cheat sheet for lazy keto meal prep. This is a great cheat sheet, especially for the first couple of weeks til you get comfortable with what you are to eat. If you shop mainly on the outer aisles at the grocery store and stay away from processed foods you will be low carb. If you go a bit further and eat high fat, medium protein and low carb then you will be considered keto. See his cheat sheet below.

I still always recommend someone go slowly for the first three days of getting into ketosis unless you are going to be adding exogenous ketones. The reason for that is – if you go cold turkey on getting rid of the carbs you may get headaches. I know I do. So if you get rid of pasta day 1, bread and potatoes day 2 and fruit and sweets day 3, then you shouldn’t have any issues with feeling poorly.

I totally enjoy the way I feel when I’m eating keto. I can always tell when I’ve gone too far on the low carb route because of how I feel. I highly recommend this way of eating. It is amazing and you can make almost every recipe keto.

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